permastripe-yellow-black-hazard-50mm_-_2_inch_1We continue with article four of our five part series of how FloorTapeHQ’s customers use industrial floor marking tape products.  Today’s article is about PermaStripe Hazard floor marking tape.

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All information written below was based on an extensive survey of our worldwide customers and detailed a broad variety of industries and company sizes.

As a refresher, we asked 5s Specialists and Warehouse Managers who have purchased and personally experienced PermaStripe Hazard floor tape the following survey questions:

  1. Please provide us background of your Company and location(s)
  1. Please provide us a concrete example of your use of PermaStripe Hazard floor tape and its effects in the workplace?
  1. Future uses of PermaStripe Hazard in your working environment

Customer Background

The Company is a regional business airport in California servicing mainly the business private jet market.  They have over 1 million square feet of warehousing space for a variety of purposes including spare parts, jet storage and maintenance.

Past Purchases

This Company has been a customer of FloorTapeHQ for the past 18 months and buys PermaStripe Hazard Black/Yellow as well as Red/White for their warehousing needs.

Why They Use PermaStripe Hazard Floor Tape

  • The regional airport has three main warehousing areas – the hangar, spare parts and the maintenance bay.  One of the constant challenges of this industry is to ensure safety at all times as well as being operationally efficient in all tasks so their customers (in this case business and personal private jet owners) are satisfied.  As part of this process, the Company continually reviews all ongoing operations to determine if there are safety and operational facets of the business that can be improved.
  • One of the areas that they believe needed more safety awareness was the maintenance bay.  On a regular basis, there is both foot and heavy machinery traffic such as pallet carts, bobcats and other machinery that brings parts from the spare parts warehouse to the maintenance bay.  A significant amount of people walk in the passageways alongside the mechanical traffic.
  • The Safety Manager was looking for a way to segregate the foot traffic with all other mechanical traffic.  He decided to use floor tape for this safety project and chose PermaStripe Hazard Floor Tape in Black/Yellow to demarcate the specific path that mechanical traffic must take and that employees on foot must avoid.

The benefits of using the PermaStripe Hazard Tape were twofold.  First, the maintenance bay is now a safer place as all mechanical traffic has its own driving lane.  Secondly, the operations are more efficient as there is less stop and go mechanical traffic due to waiting for foot traffic to pass.  As a result, the time for getting spare parts to the maintenance bay has been reduced.

Future Uses

The Company has continued to investigate ways to increase safety and efficiency of its operations.  Next, the Safety Manager plans to create two new walkways in the spare parts warehouse and the hangar and expects to be completed in the August of this year.