Why Floor Marking Tape Is Important

Best Uses for PermaStripe Glow in the Dark  floor marking tape

We continue now in part three of our five part series of how our customers use FloorTapeHQ’s industrial floortape products.  Today’s floor tape product is PermaStripe Glow in the Dark.

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All information was based on a comprehensive survey of our customers in both the US and Europe and covered a wide variety of industries and company sizes.

As a reminder, we asked warehouse managers and 5S Specialists who have purchased and personally experienced PermaStripe Glow in the Dark floor tape the following survey questions:

  1. Please provide us background of your Company and location(s)
  1. Please provide us a concrete example of how you use PermaStripe Glow in the Dark and its effects in the workplace?
  1. Future uses of PermaStripe Glow in the Dark in your working environment

Customer Background

  • The Company is a regional auto parts manufacturer based in northern Michigan.  A niche manufacturer of state of the art headlights, they occupy a warehouse of approximately 100,000 square feet.

Past Purchases


Why They Use PermaSmooth Floor Tape

  • To keep pace with the auto industry and tight margins, this Company works as efficient as possible to reduce overhead.  As part of this cost containment strategy, they work 3 continuous shifts 5 days per week.  Due to their location, they have frequent electricity outages in the winter due to massive snowfall.  In 2013, they had a total of 3 electricity power failures, which caused 8 hours of partial  downtime.  While various backup generators kept the main warehouse floor lit, all walkways and supply bays were pitch black, causing a near standstill in their staging areas, which in terms slowed down overall production by over 75%.  This cost the Company thousands of dollars in lost productivity.

The Warehouse Operation Manager was looking for solutions that could at a minimum illuminate all walkways without investing a significant amount in new backup generators.  He chose to purchase PermaStripe Glow in the Dark floor tape.

  • The benefits are the Glow in the dark floor tape are two-fold.  If there is a power failure, the tape emits light and allows the floor to be light brightly, thus enabling production staging to go on as usual as well as avoid potential accidents due to darkness on the warehouse floor.

While there has been a power failure only twice since the PermaStripe Glow in the Dark floor tape has been implemented, the warehouse managed told us that the return on investment has been tremendous as he can continue to run staging and production as if there was no power failure.

Future Uses

The Company plans to do a warehouse floor reorganization by the end of 2016 and they plan to change various walkways.  Once they execute this, they plan to use yellow PermaStripe floor tape as well as black/yellow PermaStripe hazard to clearly mark hazardous areas.