Best Use Case for Floor Marking Tape

Best Uses for PermaSmooth floor marking tape

We continue now in our 5 part series of how our customers use FloorTapeHQ’s industrial floortape products.

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All information was based on a comprehensive survey of our customers in both the US and Europe and spanned a wide variety of industries and company sizes.

As a refresher, we asked the following survey questions to 5S Specialists and other warehouse management personnel who have purchased and personally experienced PermaSmooth floor tape:

  • Please provide us background of your Company and location(s)
  • Please provide us a concrete example of how you use PermaSmooth and its effects in the workplace?
  • Future uses of PermaSmooth in your working environment

Based on all the survey responses, we chose the most information survey response per type of floor tape and this article topic is about PermaSmooth.

Customer Background

  • The Company is a large, plastic injection molding contract manufacturer.  A well-known operation on the East Coast, this company specializes in making custom molds for innovative products.

Past Purchases

  • The Company has purchased in the past anti-slip tape as well as the yellow/black 2 inch hazard PermaSmooth floor tape.

Why They Use PermaSmooth Floor Tape

  • This company has been growing rapidly over the past 3-4 years and a result, has been very tight on warehouse space.  During this growth period, their in-house tool room has doubled in size, while the rest of the warehouse space has stayed the same size.  As a result, due to the highly customized nature of the work that is performed in the tool room and the heavy machinery there, the Company was looking for a solution to isolate the tool room traffic from the regular warehouse traffic.

They were looking to do this at minimal cost – both in materials and labor cost.  In early 2014, they decided to paint the floor in bright hazard colors where the tool room floor area meets the main warehouse floor.  Due to the significant foot and mechanical traffic in this area, the paint wore off after about 60 days.  The Company decided then to paint the floor again and the same result occurred after 45 days – the paint wore off.

  • The warehouse manager went to a 5S conference in June 2014 and learned more about floor tape and its benefits.  After talking to FloorTapeHQ, he bought a single roll of PermaSmooth hazard floor tape to test it out.  Once his team laid down this single roll, they liked the resiliency of PermaSmooth and ordered 9 more rolls to fully segregate the tool area from the rest of the warehouse floor.

The warehouse manager likes PermaSmooth for two main reasons – the embossed surface top has a glossy finish which resists floor dirt and is easy to clean.  In addition, the smooth surface reduces the chance that chemicals or any other bacteria will be absorbed by the tape.

Future Uses

Due to the Company’s growth, the injection mold manufacturer has moved into a new 80,000 sq ft facility and now will be using PermaSmooth floor tape to better organize overall foot traffic and segregate all hazard areas.