permastripe-roll-_2inch_50mm-yellow_1Best Uses for PermaStripe floor marking tape

We continually get inquiries from warehouse managers, 5S Specialists and other industrial operations managers to provide examples of how FloorTapeHQ customers are using PermaStripe Floor Marking Tape.

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As a result of these inquiries, during May 2016, FloorTapeHQ conducted an extensive anonymous survey across its worldwide customer base and asked the following:

  1. Please provide us background of your Company and location(s).
  1. Please provide us a concrete example of how you use PermaStripe and its effects in the workplace?
  1. Future uses of PermaStripe in your working environment

Based on all the survey responses, we chose the best survey response per type of floor tape.   This article is the first in a 5 part series.  Below are summary responses for a customer’s use of PermaStripe Floor Marking Tape –

Customer Background

  • Company is a logistics management corporation and they manage over 3 million square feet of warehouse space for industrial companies on the West coast as well as the Midwest.

Past Purchases

Why They Use PermaStripe Floor Tape

  • About 18 months ago, the Company began to take 5S initiatives more seriously and hired a 5S safety supervisor.  A full safety review was performed in each of their eight US warehouse locations.  While there hadn’t been any unplanned downtime due to work accidents, the 5S Supervisor was concerned about the significant amount of foot and mechanical traffic on all warehouse floors across many of their locations and the impact it may have on potential warehouse floor accidents.  A detailed analysis was performed and specific locations were prioritized to improve the overall traffic paths.

After the analysis was performed, the safety supervisor determined that one of their West Coast warehouses had very concentrated traffic and walking lanes were unorganized, causing some foot traffic as well as pallet carts to intersect with key aspects of the production floor.  As the safety supervisor said to us, “This was an accident waiting to happen”.

  • In his prior company, the safety supervisor was familiar with PermaStripe floor tape and implemented it in specific areas of their warehouse floor.  For this new placement, he measured that he would need about 800 feet of yellow floor tape to create a new walking and mechanical traffic lane.

Prior to laying down the floor tape, the safety supervisor had the floor cleaned with an IPA cleaner to rid the floor from chemicals and oil.  Once dry, he worked with the warehouse foreman to lay down the tape, which took approximately one hour for the 8 rolls of PermaStripe floor tape.

Future Uses

Now after completing this first project, the safety supervisor plans to purchase and implement PermaStripe in every warehouse area that has walking paths that are susceptible to accidents.  Once this mini-project is complete, he said he will analyze all restricted areas across all their warehouse space and determine if these areas need to be more clearly marked.