Why Floor Marking Tape Is Better Than Painting Lines

Painting lines to mark and organize industrial warehouse floors has been a standard practice for decades. But solely because various industries having been using paint to mark floors for years doesn’t mean that floor painting is the best way to efficiently organize your workplace.

There are many drawbacks of using paint to mark your floors. Some of these drawbacks include hazardous and non-environmentally friendly fumes, long dry and cure times as well as limited effectiveness.

Paint dry and cure times can take anywhere from 48-72 hours which halts movement and production in the facility in the specific area being painted. Moreover, it creates further inefficiencies as a result of warehouse traffic having to be redirected to areas which are not being painted.

In addition to the halt of movement and production in the specific area being painted, there are significant labor and material costs involved in painting and re-painting floors.

Marking industry floors with floor marking tape eliminates all of the above issues. Floor tape is easy toapply, sticks to the floor instantly and is considered standard protocol in any 5S industrial warehouse environment. Floor marking tape also ensures that your workplace is organized and efficient at all times.

Let’s look at other significant benefits of using floor marking tape over painting.


  • Floor tape is designed to be extremely durable. Unlike paint that may need to be touched up  after a few months of intense usage, floor tape has resiliency and durability which enables it to be usable for a much longer period of time. Floor tape is designed to withstand the most demanding industrial warehouse floor traffic including forklifts, trucks and pallet jacks. In addition, floor tape can also withstand chemical spills which paint cannot.

Cost effective and easy to apply

  • As mentioned above, floor tape requires very little labor effort to apply.  An average tape roll can take less than 5 minutes to apply, vastly less time than painting lines.  This is a tremendous labor cost savings.


  • Because paint lines are marked up easily with the constant pressure of heavy warehouse traffic, it needs to be re-applied frequently. Floor tape on the other hand can withstand this traffic and typically needs to be applied every 2-3 years with moderate warehouse traffic.  Again, a big labor and material cost savings.

Reduced floor downtime

  • Floor paint can easily take 24 hours to dry and 72 hours to cure. During this time, the production are that is being painted must be on downtime.  Tape on the other hand does not require any drying time and can be applied in minutes, reducing downtime to a minimum.

Floor tape not only enhances the overall safety and efficiency of warehouse floor, it is far more cost effective and efficient than painting.  But don’t just go for any tape in the market. When it comes to purchasing floor tape, FloorTapeHQ carries only the strongest and most resilient product on the market, PermaStripe Floor Tape.